March 16, 2003

Walked down to Peets

Walked down to Peets Coffee for coffee beans (interesting comparison between the Peets' demographic and the people hanging out at Starbucks across the street). Picked up half a pound of Major Dickason's Blend, and got a small cup of the coffee-of-the-day (Viennese Blend) for free. Still had a cup's worth of the New Crop Pacific Blend left in the cupboard, too, so I had a little taste test. My conclusion? They all tasted very coffee-y. Also meant that I had three cups of coffee this morning. Good thing I'm not writing this with a pen. Funny how I hated drinking the Chinese herb medicine when I was little, but now I'm paying good money for cups of hot, bitter, black liquid.

There were a few raindrops when I steppd out, but decided to keep going instead of going back for an umbrella. By the time I left Peets it was pouring rain, and I wore a shopping bag on my head as I walked home, because I wouldn't want the rain to ruin my hair. The weekend maintenance crew for the office building next door were hard at work for the weekend. The poor bastards, on the first rainy day in at least two months, were washing the fountain out front with a water jet, in the rain. Did manage to drive out into the rain for a while so the car can be rinsed off. Now I won't have to wash the car 'til summer.

Posted by mikewang on 09:42 PM