March 12, 2003

You're a Winner!

More evidence that geeks ruin everything:

My mom has told me to get rid of all of my headphones except for the freebie stock came-with-Walkmen types...

The truth is, I will never be at all satisfied with those cheapies. I must always have one or two really good (and expensive) headphones. And I know that my good headphones need some upgrading of my sources and amps in order to sound at their full potential. But she doesn't want me to even upgrade my sources, let alone keep my good 'phones!

Headphone Inventory
  • AKG K240DF
  • Etymotic ER-4S
  • Grado SR-60
  • Grado SR-80
  • Grado SR-225
  • Koss KSC-35
  • Koss KSC-50
  • Koss Porta Pro
  • Sennheiser HD 280PRO
  • Sennheiser MX 500
  • Sennheiser HD 497
  • Sennheiser HD 600
  • Sony MDR-E888LP
  • Sony MDR-7506
Source Inventory
  • iRiver SlimX iMP-350
  • Panasonic SL-CT470 (broken)
  • Panasonic SL-CT790
  • Panasonic SL-SW850
  • Sony CDP-C265
  • Sony D-EJ721
  • Sony D-EJ1000
  • Sony MZ-R500
  • Sony MZ-N707
  • Technics SL-QD33 Turntable

Oh, actually I'm working part-time at a supermarket. And I'm still on Team CC Debt.
My education level has never been past college freshman; I've flunked out of college! I don't even have anything past a high-school diploma - and all of those higher-paying jobs require at least a full bachelor's degree in college, and at least five years' job experience! And all of those higher-paying jobs require me to drive to work (since those jobs are all located at places where no bus or train even comes close to serving), and my drivers licence had been permanently revoked due to repeated moving violations!!
Yeah, it's true. I will really be 38 next week. (Wednesday of next week, to be exact.) And yeah, until June of 2001 I never had a job of any sort outside of the family business (which is now closed).

Of course, this guy has posted often enough to the forum to be anointed as moderator.

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