January 16, 2009

iPhone Killa

Just like every other Apple product, the iPhone gets panned by the geeks for lacking this feature or that feature, but continues to sell to the general consumer by the boatload. Like the quixotic folks over at Anything But iPod, the phone phanatics at Howard Forums continue to flock to the flavor-of-the-month like the T-Mobile G1 ("The G1 isn't going to blow anyone's mind right out of the gate." — Engadget) or the Blackberry Storm ("It’s not that the Storm is a piece of junk for the most part, it’s that it goes against everything a BlackBerry stands for…" — BGR) without so much success.

But out of nowhere comes the Palm Pre, running the brand new WebOS, and hailed as the savior of the once-proud but now-floundering Palm brand. Even I thought it was a heck of an intro, even if the actual phone won't be out until mid-year, and even then only on the Sprint CDMA network. And the iPhone haters wasted no time in jumping on the latest touch-screen smartphone bandwagon.

I don't want to admit this but Apple has seriously failed all of us!

The Palm Pre is way more innovative than the Iphone in regards to the UI. Apple is a huge joke for not allowing customization and the basic features. While the Iphone might have quicker transition and more accurate touch recognition... palms UI looks amazing efficient compared to what Apple delivers.

Conveniently ignoring the fact that the Palm phone won't be available for at least three more months, by which time the iPhone will also be due for its annual update. Not to mention all the excitement is based on second-hand accounts of staged demos. Meanwhile the iPhone App Store continues to expand at an exponential rate creating enticing gold-rush rock-star developer-hits-big stories every day. Not that it keeps the Internet warriors from bitching.

Wrong Rockky

So...despite the fanboys here (I love apple too by the way)...this guys totally correct...and it has nothing to do with sales...its about product quality, andthe palm pre and nokia97 illustrate how short the iPhone really falls in terms of device quality.
Shame on U Apple....you can only string folks along so far before the competitive innovators make you look silly. The teenagers might not know....but the folks in the know....KNOW!

But do not under-estimate the tenacity of the Apple fanboys, either. Within six hours of the above post someone was ready to bring the smackdown.


Rockky is truly impressed with the latest iphone "killer" and is strongly considering jumping ship. Now where have I heard this before?

On the BB Storm 12-1-08

Originally Posted by Rockky
I like its features so much more and its function after the software is very quick now after the software update .Opera Mini literally has data flying at 3000kbps.... Probably going to switch to Verizon and put the i phone on suspension with ATT and use it itouch-like.

The G1 on 10-23-08

Originally Posted by Rockky
First , my the screen and browsing experience of the G1 equals and in fact surpasses my iPhone . Screens are equal. The speeds of T-Mobile far surpass At&t on repeated tests of large sites ...and by a large margin!

If an on screen keyboard will me available on the G1 I'd jump to it quicktime!

The TouchHD on 9/18/08

Originally Posted by Rockky
Was 5th in line July 29th 2007 for the Iphone..and 1st day purchaser for the 3G...
Because of Apples lack of responsiveness with regards to the demand in features for this device, and problems with the network in general, I've been bideing my time for a truly kickass device to come along, and this slim 3.8'' touchscreen beauty is it!!!!! Screen responsiveness and resolution are jawdropping.
Never thought going back to windows mobile (and hacking it to WM7,of course) could be so sweet !

Xperia on 5/24/08

Originally Posted by Rockky
Yeah no doubt (although I'll be keeping my old iPhone lol) I will be jumping on either the Nokia slide product coming...or the Xperia if Iphone2 isn't really beefed up in the multimedia dept.
Just in spite of Apple.....they make a extraordinary screen and saddle it with equally extraordinarily limited/poor multimedia features....its INSANE!! Flash'd be nice....but NO excuse for a poor camera, no video recording or MMS.

The Xperia(sic)....seems about as smooth a windows operation as can be...I really like some of the interface functionality.

Nokia Touch on 3/4/08

Originally Posted by Rockky
iPhone has til August....or off til Nokia Touch!
You undoubtedly know of this device.....ROCKIN'!
It'll be THE Iphone alternative and I'm good to go based on Iphone V2 and SDK's options.

Such a petty response, to dig through the guy's posting history, but the pwnage is oh-so-satisfying, too. Despite all that smack-talk about other phones, Mr. Rockky still remains an iPhone user. Not that many people can actually afford to go buy all those phones and play with them for fun, although I wouldn't be surprised if many Howard-folk do it anyway. Meanwhile, I'll keep tap-tapping away on my iPhone while the boss who didn't even use a computer until last year is now also an iPhone evangelist. Although I did have to suggest that putting the company's entire pricing database on the phone may not be the most prudent idea.

Posted by mikewang on 11:38 AM