November 13, 2008

The Death Of A New Medium

...has been greatly exaggerated?

How ironic that Wired, the poster-child of the .com era, would be the one to stand up and be the one to claim that blogging is dead. All that work going into picking out your own domain, setting up on Blogger, installing Movable Type, or setting up WordPress, not to mention pounding out all the electronic words to populate the pages, to be buried under the avalanche of Web 2.0 social sites.

Thinking about launching your own blog? Here's some friendly advice: Don't. And if you've already got one, pull the plug.

Social multimedia sites like YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook have since made publishing pics and video as easy as typing text. Easier, if you consider the time most bloggers spend fretting over their words.

Well, what's wrong with fretting over the words you're putting out in the public? Yeah I've got a Facebook page to keep track of people from high school I don't care all that much about, and Flickr is useful as a photo-log for the family to keep up with our travels and things. But I just received the renewal notice from my webhost and darn it I'm going to pony up for two more years, just so y'all can continue to partake in my narcissistic rantings.

Posted by mikewang on 09:44 PM