September 01, 2007

Pack The Fanny

The flight to Hong Kong was full with multiple tour groups and the business-folk commuting to China. As we shuffled off the plane onto the jetway I noticed the lady ahead of me had a large fanny pack hanging off her backside. A closer look revealed the famous double-G pattern imprint and the Gucci label. It was the black version so not quite as ostentatious as the classic beige. Nevertheless, doesn't the nature of the fanny pack more than cancel out whatever fashionability the Gucci name may have offered? It's like a portable fashion zero?

At least that was my first impression. A bit of research found out that the fanny pack actually enjoyed quite a chic revival thanks to SJP wearing the Gucci version in Sex and the City. I must've missed that episode.

Not that TV-inspired trends last very long anyway, so one can safely assume that the belt-pack is now safely back in make-fun land. I mean, when even video-game nerds treat it as a fashion faux pas you just can't get any lower on the unfashion-scale.

Posted by mikewang on 08:15 PM