July 12, 2006

The Rest Of My Life Is So Hard

It's a street in a strange world
I would like to inform my loyal readers (plural optional) that it is very hot and humid in the summer in Taiwan. Perhaps if I had spent more time in Florida I may not mind so much, but there's a reason we moved to California and put up with its idiosyncrasies. One never really has a chance to get acclimated here since all the shops and offices have the AC going full blast. But if you let yourself soak in the natural scheme you just become soaked in sweat within 60 seconds. It's a dilemma.

Maybe it's the Third World
Not that the weather was much better in Shenzhen. Left my computer bag sitting in the corner for three weeks and when it was time to pack up and leave I found that the bag was covered in spots of mold. I don't know how the fungi managed to make nourishment out of ballistic nylon but they seemed happy enough, at least until I washed the crap out of the bag to scrape off the icky stuff. Had to stuff the still-wet bag and the computer into the suitcase for the trip home. Then washed the crap out of the bag again once I got home. Thankfully it all managed to fit in the carry-on. And thankfully the bag's tough enough to stand up to the rough treatment without being worse for the wear.

I want a shot at redemption
After the Hello Kitty magnet/pin giveaways have run their course, the local 7-11 turned to that other famous Japanese cartoon-cat Doraemon for their next promotion. Like the previous promos, you get a random magnet out of the collection of 30 or so varieties whenever you spend more than 77NTD, which just happens to be a bit more than what you might typically spend for lunch. So I've been spending an extra few bucks on the larger drink or the fancy bento to reach the limit. On a hot day, the cold noodles seemed to be the way to go. Had to get an extra tea-egg to hit that 77-dollar limit exactly. Hit the register and found out that the cold noodles were on sale that week so I ended up a few bucks short of a magnet. Could've grabbed a pack of gum or something, I guess, but I wasn't in the mood to buy more random crap.

Spinning in infinity
First typhoon of the season just hit. Unfortunately the light typhoon, despite bringing lots of rain, wasn't quite windy enough to qualify for a typhoon-holiday in Taipei. Sucks.
Amen and Hallelujah!

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