October 31, 2003

Selling Out?

Noticed a couple of pop movies by arty directors lately. Was really surprised to find out that The School of Rock's director, Richard Linklater, also directed Waking Life. I mean, School of Rock got some nice reviews, but it's still a pretty formulaic movie in the end. It's not even Before Sunrise far as plots go, much less Waking Life. At least all the reviews were universal in concluding that even if it's a formulaic "family" movie, it's a formula done right, and there's definitely something to be said for that

Found out that the Coen Brothers directed Intolerable Cruelty, thanks to Tivo's auto-downloaded trailer showcase. Hey, I'm all for any excuse to dress up Catherine Zeta-Jones and make her look hot. Would make a palatable date-movie. Um, if I had a date, that is.

Posted by mikewang on 12:57 PM