October 29, 2003

All Kinds of Wrong

Random news courtesy of The Obscure Store:

20-year-old man burglarizing an apartment pried open a tackle box and found nude photos of young girls, including his little sister.

At least the burglar had the balls to turn himself into police in order to nail the guy with the kiddie pics, a registered sex offender.

I'm not as big a fan of Krispy Kreme as some, but it's sad to see other donut chains shoot themselves in the foot in the foot attempting to compete. Dunkin' Donuts has discontinued their original cruller, becoming a "victim of changing technologies and improved dough mixtures," i.e. the braided pastries can't be mass-produced by machines. Because, you know, everyone prefers machine-produced dough products to hand-made.

Then there's Condoleeza Rice, a.k.a. The Unsticker. Or perhaps her new title should be American Information Minister, based on this newspaper interview.

"It has been a difficult weekend," said Condoleezza Rice. "But it's not a surprise that the same people who oppressed their fellow Iraqis on behalf of Saddam Hussein are still trying to stop progress for Iraqi citizens. The more progress we make, the more desperate they're going to get."

This was after a weekend in which an Assistant Defense Secretary Wolfowitz was shot at with a McGuyver'ed multiple-rocket launcher in the most heavily fortified hotel in Baghdad. Right after a Blackhawk helicopter was nailed with an RPG in the area where Wolfowitz was visiting earlier, too. You think they were hunting for some big game? At least Condi didn't try to push her agenda after this week's wave of suicide bombings, just in time for Ramadan. And who needs jury-rigged RPG-launchers when you can shoot off some real Katyushas? I'm sure the Iraqi guerillas are feeling real desperate now that they took down an Abrams tank, doing just enough damage to nudge the number of post-war US dead beyond the number of deaths during the "official" phase of the war.

Posted by mikewang on 04:12 PM