April 21, 2002

Boo Hoo

Who the hell gives a crap about the problems of overachieving white kids from a rich school district? Of course, all the featured kids got into their first choices (Harvard, Dartmouth, U.C. Berkley, respectively), thanks to supportive parents, private tutors, and exp(a/e)nsive extracurricular activities (yay National Science Bowl). There was a glimmer of perspective when one of them mentioned how arbitrary the SAT can be. Then she turned around and talked about how important the college education was to getting a good job and getting ahead in life and the glimmer faded in a hurry.

At least somebody is actually doing something relevant in this world. When I walk into a UC classroom and see 95%+ Asian/White faces, I think someone is getting screwed by the system, and it's not the kids covered by the CNN documentary. Actually, I'm surprised that the program didn't include an Asian family, especially since it was filmed in LA. Many of them came here to avoid the mind-numbingly competitive college entrance system in Asia in the first place, but it also meant that the parents are better prepared than most to play the game, should it be necessary. In the end, sometimes somebody just need to tell the parents to STFU.

Posted by mikewang on 10:57 PM