February 24, 2003

Slow Time of the Year

Another America's Cup race postponement, but this time for too much wind. For a sailboat race? Oh well, it's not like Sportscenter devotes more than 15 seconds on the America's Cup anyway. Maybe they should spend more time on it, considering their other filler material. Hearsay is painful to watch. It's like Taboo, with an athlete paired up with either Stuart Scott or Rich Eisen. The SC anchors pretty much carry the game, as the whole thing is a reminder that we don't watch athletes for their smarts. For the Golden State - Denver "highlight" (the teams shot a combined 61 for 171), they did an American Idol skit with the commentators playing judges. Tim Legler faking a British accent was possibly the most horrific thing I've ever seen on sports television.

ESPN can also stand to lay off the hype a little bit for their college basketball coverage. There was "Rivalry Week", "Bracket Buster", and now "Judgement Week", whatever that is. How about just show the damn games and save the hype machine for March (and "Championship Week", etc.).

Man, could the Sports Guy be a bigger pussy right now? The Grammy jokes sound like rejects from his Kimmel show scripts, which isn't a good sign considering how not well the show is doing.

John Mayer has the Sports Gal and Veronica in a trance. I wish I could come back in my next life as a sensitive guitarist who makes weird facial expressions -- the world would be my oyster. Don't you just hate these guys?

Yeah, vastly overrated. And I usually like sensitive guitar-strumming singer-songwriters. Meanwhile, two sentences about the Tyson fight. How about a Tyson fight diary and two sentences about the Grammies, eh?

Posted by mikewang on 10:56 PM