February 25, 2003


Now that the Sopranos season is over, I have to find some sort of justification for keeping HBO. No, Shallow Hal isn't it. I do like (some of) their late-night movies, though. With the brainless action B-movies, obscure indie films, and the occasional soft-core skin flick, what's not to like? Actually, it's still 90% crap, but it's easy to sort through the schedule and Tivo whatever sound interesting.

So that's how I picked up Londinium, which I ended up fast-forwarding through in 30 minutes. I like quirky indie romantic comedies (more than the formulaic Hollywood romantic comedies, anyway), but this one just fell a little bit flat for me. Hit the Record button because I saw Irene Jacob's name in the credits. Loved her in The Three Colors: Red, and she's not bad to look at in general. But I didn't realize that she was playing Fiona the quintessential Londoner. I mean, I'm more British than she is (although I'm not particularly suited for roles in romantic comedies), and even Tim Legler (nope, him neither) did a better British accent. Maybe they figured that Americans can't tell the difference between British and French accented English. And there were scenes where the man was uninterested in her in bed. What the hell?

Posted by mikewang on 11:16 AM