April 18, 2003

Giving in to the

Giving in to the supersizing trend, Peets eliminated their 8oz. cups and reshuffled the names such that the former Medium is now Small, the Large is Medium, etc. Frankly, the only difference is some extra steamed milk. At least they're still Small, Medium, and Large, instead of stupid-ass names like Tall, Grande, and Venti. Recently, I'm seeing more people walking around with their Venti cups full of the latest sugary pseudo-coffee concoction, drinking it out of a straw like a freakin' supersized soda. Makes me wonder why Starbucks even bother leaving "Coffee" on their sign.

If America is so much better than France, then how come we can't make a decent viennoiserie? Had the worst pain au chocolat from Peets this morning. The Bay Area does a little better there, but it's still a premium thing rather than a given. Maybe we simply need to outsource breakfast pastry production to Mexico. Although you need a cool room to make flakey croissants. All the butter, you know. That could get expensive south of the border.

Posted by mikewang on 12:17 AM