April 28, 2003

Old Skool

Picked up Ikaruga for the old Gamecube. I'm sick of ridiculously complex games that require an encyclopedia alongside, or on-line games that forces you into clans or guilds in order to survive, when anyone who spends that much time on the game probably wouldn't be someone you'd want to associate with in the first place. Ikaruga is a good-old-fashioned vertical shooter, descended from Galaxian, etc., except with fancy graphics and many, many more bullets on the screen. It's man vs. machine, one (wrong-colored) shot and you're dead, no mercy. Sure, I suck at it just as much as I suck at any other game, but there's no shame in dying in this type of game, especially now that I don't have to feed quarters to a machine, and I don't have to worry about some wanker at the other end calling you names.

My new goal in life is to take the plasma screen and flip it sideways so I can play this game in its full vertical-scrolling glory (it actually allows you to rotate the picture to accomodate).

Although as hard-core as Ikaruga is suppose to be, it's still nothing compared to this monstrosity. Those crazy Japanese dudes.

Posted by mikewang on 09:39 PM