October 09, 2003


As Slashdot has become more popular, inevitably the quality of the average poster (on a site supposed "for nerds") decreases. Some of them are a little slow, some can be a little strange, and some are just plain lame. But at least one could expect them to be able to install Linux (which just involves popping in a CD nowadays, but still), read a few geeky webcomics, you know, at least pretend to be smarter than the average bear. Sure, there were idiots and trolls, but they were confined to the comments section and could be down-moderated out of view. But now even the editors have succumbed to the moron-icity and published a query from this dipshit:

A basic slot strategy is to move from one machine to another, and play machines in certain areas of the casino floor to improve your odds. With the ticket system, It seems all too easy for someone to build a system to track a player from one machine to another, giving the house the ability to kill the player's (already slim) edge. If a machine knows how much you've already won as soon as you sit down, do you think it will give you good odds?

Strategery? For slot machines? I just can't imagine the stupidity necessary for anyone to believe that they can beat the house pulling the one-armed-bandit. I guess I shouldn't complain too much, since these people subsidize the comps we get in Vegas, kinda like how the lower-bracket folks keep voting for tax cuts.

Posted by mikewang on 11:33 AM