April 17, 2008

Me And Mister Donut

The new video feature has drawn howls of protest from supposed photography purists who fear the YouTube-ification of flickr. On a more charitable day one might see their point. However, the self-righteous indignation and condescension of the protesters made it a ripe target for mockery.

The We Demand Donuts group was founded in 2007 to demand donuts for flickr users. A noble cause, for sure, but most folks saw it as a joke and it quietly muddled along as an in-joke for the Flickr Central socialites. But with the rise of the anti-video crusade, the flickr-donut movement suddenly found its true calling as a humorous antidote to the vitriolic whiners. The flickr staff obviously saw it that way, as they saw fit to agree to the donut demands rather than give in to the video-deniers. Thus April 16 was designated as The Day Of The Donut, as flickr.com gave away free donuts to all flickrites in San Fran, while other places arranged their own meet-ups.

Unfortunately, no meet-ups in Taipei. On the other hand, I'm always up for a good donut, and there was a Mister Donut along the way on my way off-work. So in honor of flickr's Day Of The Donut and in protest against the video-hating protesters, here's a video of me eating a fresh and tasty donut.

The clips were recorded with my cell phone while the wife was getting her hair done and stringed together via QuickTime Pro at home. Did a few takes of each segment and looked like a total idiot in the hair salon doing it, but I suffered for the cause and I believe the results were worthwhile. Go donuts!

And just for the sake of it, here's the first video I uploaded to flickr as a test run, taken with the Elph cam during the New Year's countdown last-last-year:

Posted by mikewang on 11:24 AM