June 06, 2007

Country Inns

Since nobody actually manufactures anything in Taiwan anymore, the government's been encouraging more leisure consumption and service industries to drive the economy. As ugly and polluted as the cities may be, Taiwan has plenty of gorgeous scenery in the streams and mountains just a few hours away.

Now that most people get both days of the weekend off, it becomes feasible to head out into the countryside for a couple of days, staying overnight at a local bed-and-breakfast or a small charming hostel. Not surprisingly, a large number of such domiciles have sprung up in scenic areas to supply the demand. Also not surprisingly, most of them are built illegally in an unplanned swarm, destroying the bucolic scenery that was the original attraction of the place.


Not that having government certification would mean a whole lot anyway. A license most likely just means the appropriate government official was sufficiently gifted to grant the piece of paper.

Posted by mikewang on 05:05 PM