January 11, 2007

More Beaver Fever (Snatch 2!)

Sam sent me the news.

Yes, Caltech's mighty Beavers won an NCAA basketball game, after losing the previous 207. I don't know how they found a less athletic opponent and convinced the Bard College Raptors to come out to Pasadena, CA from Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. But the Techers made the most of the home-court advantage.

Coach Roy Dow and his squad of brainy — as opposed to brawny — Beavers beat Bard College of New York 81-52 on Saturday night, ending a mathematically improbable run of 207 consecutive NCAA Division III losses.

The well-documented travails of the alma-mater's basketball team was sufficiently grave to garner an SI column (full text). Good for Coach Dow to stick it out and finally break the duck. Posted by mikewang on 03:46 PM