April 30, 2006


The GF took a hard spill on the rain-slicked pavement on the way to work. She was still feeling pains in her backside and lower back after a day, and sitting in an office chair all day didn't help. She wanted to go see a doctor to get it checked out. At first I was inclined to disagree since it was just a fall and it's not as if she's 80, and seeing a doctor just feels like such a hassle. Nevertheless, it is her health we're talking about, so I suggested going to a hospital rather than clinic since clinics won't have the X-ray equipment so all they'd be able to do is to feel up her ass.

So she made the appointment and we went to the hospital with her after work to get her checked out. I was used to American healthcare with all the insurance hassles and ridiculously high walk-in costs. But she got registered, saw the ortho on-duty, went to Radiology get an X-ray, with the image electronically transmitted back to the ortho's desk. The doc took a look, no fractures or breaks, and sent us on our way with a prescription of acetaminophen (pain reliever) and chlorzoxazone (muscle relaxant). All for a few hundred NTD and under an hour. Even had time to go get dinner afterwards. Efficient, cost-effective health care. What a concept!

Posted by mikewang on 08:18 AM