January 19, 2006

ABC, It's Easy As 123

The latest source for ready-made celebrities here in Taiwan seems to be the pool of folks returning to Taiwan from other countries. The wave of 小留學生 have washed back to shore bringing tall, good-looking, upper-middle-class 20-somethings who speak Chinese with a sterilized accent without the tinge of Taiwanese dialect. 王力宏 caught some heat when the liner notes for his new album had a bunch of errors in the lyrics as he used the wrong homonyms in the idiomatic expresssions. Although that's really more his label's fault than anything. Hello, copy editors?

Apparently 許慧欣 (a.k.a. Evonne) is another pseudo-ABC who's more comfortable reading in English.


The on-line story doesn't contain the photo, but the dead-tree article had a shot of the book. Not that I've read that book in particular, but I did read something from the same author. So thanks to mediocre fantasy novels, I feel as we have a connection. I mean, a connection beyond "I'd hit it." Still no discernable musical talent, though.

Posted by mikewang on 04:12 PM