July 03, 2005


Yay, a Gibberish redesign. There's even new content. Even a podcast featuring folks from that particular little social cluster. Unfortunately the podcast page seems to be in RDF format rather than the RSS 2.0 format that the new iTunes podcasting feature requires. Frankly, if the podcasting process isn't iTunes-easy, the content out there is not really worth the trouble. Although I may change my mind once Morning Becomes Eclectic goes up along with the rest of KCRW's offerings.

More posts are good, but for fuck's sake why the hell does anyone want to type markup code into a teensy-weensy HTML text-field control is beyond me. If I have to code my text, might as well as go straight to LaTEX. Not like the geek-wanks who use it for their trivial little reports with the occasional bold or italic and pretty hyphenation, but a real damn research paper with footnotes, figures, references, and equations. Lots of equations. Really complicated equations. With divs and grads, with tensors and differential geometries thrown in for decent measure.

Posted by mikewang on 09:55 AM