June 04, 2005

The Godfather... On Crack

“蚊哥“, who's apparently a major figure in the Taiwan underworld, died recently, and everyone got together to throw him a big funeral. All the different gangs showed up with all their members to pay respect and to show off. Even a Japanese Yakuza boss showed up and dropped NTD500G for some prop respect. I guess you can't really call it the "underworld", when everyone was there out in full daylight and all the TV stations had wall-to-wall coverage of the big event. With up to 10,000 gang members present, all the police could do was to snap photos and help direct traffic around the big procession. Funny how the funeral site and his final burial place are in the same locations as grandfather's funeral, so I could totally picture what was going on with only a few glances of TV news reports during lunchtime.

Posted by mikewang on 10:39 PM