November 07, 2004

So I Hear There Was An Election?

It was amusing to watch the Internet Echo Chamber effect in action as we ramped up to Election Day, to see the hope and dreams crushed once again. The Democrats didn't win any upsets, and their record in national toss-up contests was dismal at best. Colorado Senate and Pennsylvania Presidential were the big toss-up wins, but even then the Dems were consistently polling better so it was more of a relief to not lose rather than being happy with a pleasant surprise. Even with three candidates running in Louisiana, which hadn't had a Republican Senator since Reconstruction, they couldn't keep the lone Republican under 50% and force a runoff. Of course, it didn't matter by then because the Republicans had already clinched a majority. They're not all that far from cloture powers, people.

Oh well, now it's back to the really important election, namely the race for the Taiwan Legislature. They may not be big on policy, but at least the fights are entertaining. The mini-trucks with the blaring bullhorns sure do get annoying, though.

Posted by mikewang on 09:15 AM