August 05, 2004

Road Rules

Sometimes Taiwan seems like it can't get anything done without having it turn to shit. On the other hand, sometimes it's kinda amazing how fast things can happen around here. Headed in to work on Monday and hopped on the bus to KB at the MRT stop. Noticed that they'd repaved the entire route over the weekend. Compared to the Republic of Berkeley, where they're finally repaving the crumbling Arlington Blvd., but it'll take them about three months instead of three days. Plus the Taiwan road is a pretty major thoroughfare and busy even on weekends. Unfortunately, they didn't get around to paining the lane markers for a few more days, so during that time the traffic was even more chaotic than normal. At least they had the decency to paint the crosswalk stripes right away, so the peds could have a fighting chance at crossing the street unscathed.

Posted by mikewang on 10:03 AM