March 15, 2004

Phair Game

Noticed that ESPN is using Liz Phair's "Extraordinary" for their NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament promotional ads. It's a cool song and all, and the chorus is appropriate for the event:

I am extraordinary, if you'd ever get to know me
I am extraordinary, I am just your ordinary...

But they edit in another part of the song:

See me jump through hoops for you
You stand there watching me performing

Instead of the rest of the chorus:

Average every day sane psycho

They must've thought the word "hoop" stood out enough to make the song sound more appropriate for a basketball commercial. More than "psycho supergoddess," anyway. Not sure if I agree.

One good thing about having parents who don't understand English that well is that I can play "H.W.C." loud without them batting an eye.

Posted by mikewang on 02:09 PM