December 26, 2003

Large Men

We have a Japanese satellite TV system, mostly so grandmother can watch Japanese variety shows and song competitions. Kind of a shame to have a high-definition system hooked up to a regular tube TV via a composite cable, but even then the picture is a million time sharper and prettier than the crappy cable signal (even after a guy came out to boost the signal level so that CNN is at least watchable).

So the Nets were kicking the crap out of the Pistons. Although it was on ESPN so I could get the English commentary on the SAP channel, Bill Walton plus the ugly game made it less than compelling. Switched over to the Japanese channel and NHK had a year-end highlight show of the sumo season. Boy did that kick ass in HD. You can see all the sumo dudes' back hairs. Plus it's the only sport where I can watch with grandma and mom and they'll both know way more than I do about the sport. Heck, it's probably the only sport I can watch with them, period.

Posted by mikewang on 06:13 PM