December 10, 2003

Second-Grade Analysis

Joan Ryan rocks, and Abercrombie&Fitch sucks, and I'm not just talking about their November same-store-sales either. The Gap stores might be a little too ubiquitous and the designs a little too sterile, but at least there was an SEAsian-looking guy working the jeans and a nice older lady herding the long checkout line when I wandered in on Sunday. The prices aren't horrible if one sticks to the sale items. Picked up a white oxford shirt and a ribbed T. Might've got some more stuff, too, except it's just too damn hard to find things that fit right. The oxford shirt wasn't too bad, as I could tjuzs (could we include that in the Scrabble dictionary please?) the sleeves a bit to make it work, and I found the one XS-sized T in the stack. However, the sleeves were way too long on other Small shirts. 30-leg jeans worked for me in the past, but now they extend like 6 inches beyond the bottom of my feet. I know that's the fashion now, but it does make them a little hard to wear around the house. Maybe I should do some clothes shopping when I'm in Taiwan.

The original reason I went to the mall in the first place was to play some Magic. Somebody was hosting a Type 1 tournament, except nobody showed up! I guess all the Magic players were at Don's tournament for the day. I was hoping to finally get a chance to play with the power, too. The same folks were also hosting a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament, and I sat around and watched them play long enough to pick up the game (not that there's much to it). You can do some pretty sick stuff when there's no land and no casting cost restrictions. The tiny-print on the cards (even when it's only one line!) drove me nuts, though, since that makes it tough to read over people's shoulder.

Posted by mikewang on 11:27 AM