November 19, 2003

Marketing Backfire

In the Fry's ad today: The Coolermaster Jet 7.

  • New Jet Blower Design
  • Resembles a Jet Engine with Front & Back L.E.D.
  • Support AthlonTM 3200+ and Up

Now, I'm all for the gratuitous use of LEDs, but of all things to model your computer heatsink/fan after, a jet engine is possibly the worst choice imaginable. Unless you're trying to launch your computer off the deck, or something. A jet engine is known for being hot and loud, which are the exact qualities that you don't want for your CPU's heatsink. Unfortunately, the Jet 7 emulates its namesake a little too well. I'll stick with Zalman coolers, thanks.

Posted by mikewang on 02:17 PM