November 17, 2003

Nobody More Deserving

"New Mets superscout Bill Singer" is just about to be booted after getting drunk and spouting off racial remarks to Kim Ng at the baseball Winter Meeting. The guy was hired for his supposed knowledge of Pacific Rim baseball.

"I'm from Indiana," Ng said, referring to her birthplace. She was raised in Ridgewood, N.J.

"No, where are you from?" Singer asked.

"My family is originally from China," Ng said.

Singer then allegedly started speaking gibberish, making fun of Chinese - which led Cashman to act, sources said. Cashman declined to comment.

He might've even gotten away with it in the good old days, when Chinese chicks in Arizona were more likely to be bar hostesses than baseball employees, but it's not the good old days anymore (thank goodness). Ms. Ng isn't just any baseball employee, either, but the Assistant GM of the Dodgers (one of the youngest in baseball), in charge of contracts and personnel moves. Plus the fact that Brian Cashman (she used to work for the Yankees) was there and apparently saw the whole thing, and the Mets pretty much had no choice but to string up Mr. Singer on a rope to avoid losing face publically in New York and privately among the GM's that they have to do business with.

Righteous indignation aside, how hot is it to have a Chinese woman who knows the waiver rules cold? Too bad she's a Yankees fan working for the Dodgers. It would never work.

Posted by mikewang on 10:10 AM