February 05, 2002

Television Time-Out

The Big Bad from Alias was on Sex and the City the other night exposing himself and his Versace briefs to Sarah Jessica Parker. As SJP said, "Pants up!" On the other hand, the 21-year old blonde girl in the three-way action = holy *#%(@!*). I wonder what Sydney would've done if Sloane dropped his pants. Probably something that involves a major ass-kicking. Ally McBeal gets a kid. Is that the kiss-of-death or what? Well, the show went off a cliff when Billy died, but now it's really hit bottom. Of course, the reproductive process happened in vitro. Not even DEK would inflict a hormonal Ally on the viewing public. Not to mention the sight of a bloated Calista Flockhart would be flat-out freakish. At least we skip over the cute-baby phase. Posted by mikewang on 09:37 PM