February 13, 2002

You gotta give props to

You gotta give props to NBC for covering all the sports in the Winter Olympics. Actually, the coverage is better for the obscure sports, since they actually run live on the west coast on the NBC cable channels, unlike the NBC primetime coverage (a.k.a. Figure Skating Central). You just can't beat the excitement of live, at-the-moment biathlon action. Part of the fun is to see how the announcers handle all the Scandinavian and Russian names. And there's curling! Too slow for total live coverage, unfortunately, but they do show the skip's rocks in the important ends. I love all the jargon. There's real, thinking strategy involved. And competitors range from German punks to Japanese housewives to Swedish grandmas. The American team members look like extras from Fargo. Hey, it's only once every four years. Posted by mikewang on 11:30 PM