February 20, 2002

It's hard not to root

It's hard not to root against the USA when watching the Olympics, just from the visceral antipathy against the rah-rah coverage, even though NBC isn't that bad about it this year. Figure skating is actually fun to watch, since they aren't falling all over themselves these days. Except the ice dancers, of all people. Go figure. Of course, the rah-rah stuff goes off the scale when it comes to lady's (why are only the figure skaters called "ladies" anyway?) figure skating, but it would be nice to see Michelle win. Especially after Nagano when some little twirp had one good skate and immediately went off to cash in her gold medal.

Just saw Sweden lose to Belarus in hockey. This was probably an even bigger upset than the Miracle on Ice in '80, but they probably won't be replaying endless footages of this game twenty years from now. What a nightmare for the Swedish players, though. Even I had a sick feeling in my stomach as the clock ticked down.

On the good news front, the USA women's curling team made the medal round. Which means more curling coverage on TV!

Posted by mikewang on 01:31 PM