March 11, 2002

Bracket Racket

This year should be proof that the NCAA Basketball Tournament is a good show regardless of how they pair the teams. There'll be upsets, great finishes, and the overwhelming feeling of watching at least 16 do-or-die games in one weekend, but the bracketing really blows. As usual, the mid-majors and the western teams get screwed. Then you have Gonzaga, who's a western mid-major, so they really take it deep with a 6th seed and a second-round game with Arizona. And UA can't be happy with that draw, either, despite getting a 3 in the west. Two Pac-10 teams are stuck in 8-9 limbo, and even Cal with a 6 has to travel across the country to play Penn and maybe Pitt in Pittsburgh. People are going to lose their shirts trying to bet this thing, and I'm not even playing the freebie pick-the-bracket games. Yuck.

Posted by mikewang on 03:19 PM