May 15, 2002

Sports Wrapup

The Spurs have no backbone, spine, cojones, balls, whatever. They got outscored 125-88 in the 4th quarter against the Lakers. Lame. Of course, it takes more than just a backbone to bang against Shaq, hint to Yao Ming. And has there ever been any pro playoff series been more irrelevant than the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs?

Talk about your choke jobs, the Sharks blew a great chance to close out the Avalanche in Game 6. The Sharks outhit and outplayed the Avalanche 99% of the time thanks to the superior depth, but they couldn't match up when the Avalanche send out their top five-man unit. So right after the Sharks score a goal and at the beginning of overtime, Forsberg-Sakic-Hejduk-Blake-Kasperitis come on the ice as one unit and score big goals. Now they have to go to Colorado and face Patrick Roy on home ice. Gack.

At least the Giants are playing well. It's not been pretty on offense, asides from the Barry Bonds Show, but the pitching's solid and the defense is great. That was a couple of real good, hard-fought wins against the Braves. The A's are really imploding, though. They've not been pretty on offense, the pitching hasn't been solid, and the defense is awful. Can't be just because Mulder's been hurt, although that was a big part of it. They can't beat up on the divisional bottom-feeders either, with the way Texas and Anaheim are playing. Heck, the A's is the divisional bottom-feeder right now. The unbalanced schedule doesn't help, either, especially if it comes down to chasing the Wild Card.

Posted by mikewang on 03:23 PM