June 03, 2002

World Cup Update

You know, even with a Tivo, it's going to be awfully tough to keep up with three games a day. That's almost six hours of game time, and with real football that makes a solid six hours, with no stupid commercial breaks every other play. Makes keeping up with the NCAA basketball tournament look like child's play. Am curious to see how China does in its opening game tonight. Saudi Arabia certainly didn't do much to carry the flag for Asia.

  • England - Sweden: England was brilliant in spurts, listless at times, and had one single awful moment. Need to be consistent. Whatever you may say about Sweden, they certainly are consistent the whole game. Is Beckham the man or what? Now if he'd only put a few in Owen's direction...
  • Mexico - Croatia: Mexico really ran Croatia ragged as the game went on. They'll be a tough out if they make it to the knockout round.
  • Brazil - Turkey: Brazil was brilliant, as expected, but sometimes they seem a little selfish on the attack. Of course, most of them earn big bucks by being selfish and backing it up. Turkey played them tough, though, and they really deserved a point. The keeper was unbelievable against the best attackers in the world. Couldn't do anything against the penalty kick, though, where Turkey got jobbed on the call. The red card was deserved, the spot was not.
Posted by mikewang on 01:13 PM