June 20, 2002

Take advantage of your Bank of America credit card for a fast, convenient and easy way to obtain cash!

So promised the BofA mailing with the "convenience checks" linked to my credit card. If I can use the extra cash, I can deposit or cash one of the checks now. "It's an easy way to keep funds on hand." I can use these checks to pay bills any time. After all, "it looks just like one [check] from your checking account.*"

*For a reminder of the contractual terms associated with your account, please see the reverse side, where in small print it says: For ATM and convenience check advances, finance charges being on the date of the transaction. Now how fucking evil is that? Anyone who uses a credit card convenience check for "extra cash" might as well as slit their own throat and let the bank suck them dry. At least they can't collect if you're dead.

Posted by mikewang on 11:03 PM