August 21, 2002


The Giants have been scuffling (one of those baseball-only words), but the Mets sure are making them look good. Well, the Giants still don't look very good, but at least they seem adequate in comparison. The Mets K 13 times yesterday and still only manage to lose by a single run on an agonizingly bad play. Bonds broke late for home on the Shinjo's fly ball, but Vaughn dropped the cutoff and hesistated enough on relay throw to let Bonds score on the mistake. Tonight, the Mets are giving away runs with errors, wild pitches, and bloopers. That and a belt-high fastball to Kent. But the Giants still can't string a big inning together, and even though Nen got the save, he still gave up two hits, a run on a wild pitch, and let Piazza and Vaughn come up as the tying run. Doesn't inspire much confidence.

The A's? Two words: en fuego.

Posted by mikewang on 09:46 PM