November 12, 2002

Hey, I love animated tentacle

Hey, I love animated tentacle rape of (almost) underage girls as much as anybody, but I don't try to attribute cultural significance to it. Well, I could, but that would be lame and pathetic. Lame and pathetic anime fans? Enter another winner from Slashdot:

When I see some sexy female ninja or spaceship captain in a hentai flick, I feel attracted to her in a much different way than I do to the bimbos in American porn. This hentai woman actually has skills and capabilites. She's compatent! And her face and body is at least as sexy as those of real women. For me, that's a great combination. I'd rather fuck hentai girls than the sluts in American porn.

Somebody needs to do something before the term "geek" becomes congruent with "loser." At least as of now, a "geek" usually denotes some intellectual talent. The Slashdot cesspool is dispelling that image in a hurry. Of course, I still read the site, but then I read FreeRepublic, too.

Posted by mikewang on 10:56 PM