January 18, 2003

Your Boss is not your friend

Hasn't Bill Simmons ever seen The Player? Just because your boss invites you over to his house, "featuring a 100-foot big screen with accompanying 42-inch, widescreen plasma screens on either side," to watch some football ("with people coming and going all day, with enough food and drink to handle the entire neighborhood") doesn't mean you'll be getting any love if the show tanks. It's not a good sign that the writers are bigger celebrities (among certain demographics) than the host. More folks probably read ESPN.com than watch The Man Show. And Joel from MST3K is also on the writing staff. Although they probably don't have the big screen TV's like Jimmy. "The lesson, as always: It's good to be the king."

I finished my first "shoot" and wrapped my first "piece." I met the cute Mom from "The Gilmore Girls," as well as Ben Stein, Kathy Griffin and the Armenian Comedian. I spent an inordinate amount of time brainstorming with Adam Carolla, who's some sort of comedy savant.

Like a lamb to slaughter. Even if the buzz is good, for now.

Posted by mikewang on 03:15 PM