January 30, 2003

15 Days Until Pitchers and Catchers Report

Not real impressed with the Giants' Hot Stove Heater summary on ESPN. Probably because it doesn't say anything I didn't know already. Not a good sign that J.T. Snow is one of only two guys in the line-up who's expected to play better next year (plus Rich Aurilia, who was hurt most of the season). And if signing Reggie Sanders was a (good) signficant move from last season, then I guess that makes the Jose Cruz Jr. signing look pretty good, too. Would've liked to see more analysis of the young pitchers' potential effects, but that's what the minor league report is for. Maybe the report just seems boring because in spite of all the shuffling, the team doesn't look a whole lot different from last year, not that it's a bad thing, but regression to the mean can be a bitch.

Posted by mikewang on 06:19 PM