February 07, 2003

I love a good

I love a good meal as much as anyone else. Reviews by folks on the web can really help sort out the good places from the bad. But how big of a prick do you have to be to rip a Hawaiian plate lunch place for "jeopardizing my diet"? It's suppose to be a cheap lunch for big Polynesian dudes, not haute cuisine. As for "I mean, Hawaii isn't really known for their beef, eh?", half the Big Island happens to be owned by one of the largest ranches in the United States. The tastiest bit of beef I've ever had was in Waimea, made from local grass-fed cows. Admittedly they probably don't use anything that nice in plate lunches. But I liked the Hawaiian macaroni salad, damn it, soft macaroni and all. The scoop of macaroni felt like carbo overkill in addition to the two scoops of rice on the standard plate, but then I'm not a large Polynesian dude.

Posted by mikewang on 09:55 PM