May 06, 2003

Woof, Part II

Cartoon Network finally finished rerunning their stock of Inu Yasha (犬夜叉) episodes. Unfortunately, they're restarting from the beginning again. I actually watched it all for the second time because I thought they were going to follow this cycle with new episodes, but I have plenty of Season Passes on the Tivo and I'll be damned if I watch cartoon reruns a third time. Of course, they cut off in the middle of a story mini-arc, at episode #41. They do have the rights up through episode 52, which makes the arbitrary cutoff even more aggravating. It's probably because Viz needs some time to catch up on the dubbing. They're releasing episodes on DVD at 3 episodes per month, and they're only through Volume 7 (i.e. episode 21). The TV publicity is what allows Viz the obscenely expensive (per episode) release schedule in the first place, so I'm sure they'll milk this as long as they can to suck in buyers. It's one thing to be patient and wait for three episodes a month for a 120+ episode show, it's another when each three-episode disc is $25 MSRP. For that price, I'll put up with the dub track and wait for Cartoon Network. At least it's not being flogged as bad as Cowboy Bebop. 26-episode shows just aren't meant to be run nightly. Talk about a dead horse.

Posted by mikewang on 12:59 PM