May 18, 2003

The Electronic Entertainment Expo

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is over, and all the latest cats in gaming have been let out of the bag. Microsoft keeps pouring money down the Xbox hole, and Sony keeps on blowing everyone away with the Playstation 2. Nintendo continues to do its own thing, this year's schtick being connectivity between the GameCube and the GameBoy Advanced. The problem, unfortunately, is that the games all look Fucking Gay:


Let's face it, politically correct homos aside, that's going to be the reaction of your favorite "mature" gaming geek. The games are probably lots of fun, and I'll probably even plunk down the money for a good number of them. Unfortunately, there's nothing worse in America than being called "gay". Unless you're atually gay, of course. Heck, Will and Grace is just a PC way for the gay writers to show off their library of fag jokes. Just by taking it as an insult, though, one is being meta-homophobic, not quite outspokenly bigoted but close enough. Anyway, that won't help Nintendo catch up to Xbox sales in the US, but it should continue to let the Big N crush the already miniscule MS numbers in Japan, because the Japanese are a bunch of pussies.

Talk about wimpy girly-men, my right-front tire went flat of old age, and I called AAA to send someone out to change the tire. Thankfully it died quietly while asleep in the garage rather than blowing out on the highway. I figured it was faster to wait for the tow truck than figuring out how to jack up the car and put on the spare myself. Let the big man with the big tools do the jacking, I say. Drove gingerly on the spare tire down to the nearby Discount Tire Co. Ended up replacing all four tires since the OEM tires are getting old and crackly. The new set is probably overkill (as if I'm ever going to put 80K miles on them), but they were cheaper than OEM replacements and were on-sale, even. An easy coup for the sales dude, anyway.

Posted by mikewang on 10:57 PM