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Hey Seven, Where's The Beef?!
If An RSS Feed Falls In The Forest
7-11 On 7-11
Is It Safe To Eat Anything In China?
Tainan Outing
Tohoku Tremors Hit Home, Finally
Shanghai Thoughts
Red Envelope Sayings
Prison Break
And You Were Right Here All Along
I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me
Minor Milestone
Internet Famous
Self Pacifying
Sunday Shopping List
Good Timing
Retail Mix
Change Nobody Particularly Has Any Faith In
Japanese Gadget Goodies
Baby, Season One
East Coast Bias
2,147,483,647 Tweets Ought To Be Enough For Anybody
Wide Open Spaces
承晞 Update
Sun Set
Labor Via Twitter
Denouncing Western Capitalist Propaganda
Great Minds, Unlike Gear
The Day The Donuts Died
Hard Times Please Help
Lifestyle 2.0
iPhone Killa
New Years Atwitterin'
Worst Product Name, 2008
The Not-So-Amazing Ending
We Come In Peace (Shoot to Kill)
A Great Man In The White House
The Death Of A New Medium
Old Friends
Emergence Of A New Medium
Submit Your Images For Criticism
Just Peachy
Sorting Out Coffee's Contradictions
Rumor Monger
Medical Miracles
Broken Cup, Cracked Nut
The Latest Lingo
The Stakeout
Episode IV: A Nou Camp
Lost Not Found
How I Bagged Chicks
Shadowmoor Prerelease
Rich Kid, Poor Kid
iPod Post
Me And Mister Donut
U2 3D
I Knew It!
Ichthyological Autoerotic Asphyxiation
Switch +1
Landscape Photography, In A Nutshell
Why Japan Is Awesome, Reason #38019
Flickr Milestone
Fashion Accessory
Home-Style Cooking
Epic Stylistic Failure
A Fine Gedankenexperiment
Just Married
Get A Real Job
Flavor Combinations
Signs of Intelligent Life
Pack The Fanny
Global Positioning
Flickr Counting
Mathematical Certainty
Bill Walsh, RIP
Familiar Stuff In Strange Places
Country Inns
A Message From Our Sponsor
Public Service Announcement - Game Division
We Suck
Italy Notes
Sign of Spring
Anonymous Contribution
Louis Louis
Supply Chain
I've Got A Fever
More Beaver Fever (Snatch 2!)
We're Number One!
New Year Resolution/Announcement
Movie Times
LA Trip
Move Moving On
Best Album Title...
And Now The News
I Feel Nostalgia For A Time Yet To Come
Who The Fuck Is Olivier Theyskens
Great Guns
Top Of The Morn'
All In
The Rest Of My Life Is So Hard
Lovers In A Canoe
On The Road
Stupid Frosh
PDA Eats
Cannonball Run
Functional Requirements
Long Flight, Short Trip
Rescue Me
Trafficking Excess
Beemer? I Hardly Even Know Her!
Coldplay, Oakland Arena, 01/31/2006
In Dog Year
ABC, It's Easy As 123
Leisurely Dissipation
It's A Mad Mac World
Dog Bites Man
Unhappy New Years
好好好, 聖誕快樂!
Year End
Lion in Winter
Oh, Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes bus?
Closely Packed
Warm Bubbles
Suck It, Bitch
Generic Constipation
City of Blinkenlights
Bizzaro (Mac)World
The Friendly Skies
How The Sausage Is Made
The Godfather... On Crack
Yew Too
Drink When You're Thirsty
Playing At The Station
Off The Rack
Sanitation Engineering
Isn't It...?
No Solicitors
Flight Chow
A Little Gettogether
Wait, Are You Telling Me That This Sucker's Nuclear?
Back In The PRoC
Kung Fu Hustle
Sock City!
Sick Day
Migration Pattern
Apocalypse Later
Life of a Salesman
What If They Held A Sale...
Italian Master
So I Hear There Was An Election?
The Other IT
saturday! Saturday! SATURDAY!
Not Just In The Back Seat
The Spy Who Came In From The Mall
River Runs Through
It's Like a War Zone
MTV News
Turning the Corner
Not-Valentine's Day
Buying Random Shit
Happy Hours
Road Rules
Coma Toes
What I Did On My Summer Vacation, LA Edition
Travel Note
Origins Notes, Everything Else
Advertising Slogan
Origins Notes, Part 2
Origins Notes, Part 1
Origins Pre-Show Notes
Altitude 35,000ft, airspeed 605mph heading east along the TPE-SFO great circle, north of Hawaii
Blast From The Past (Software Division)
Outsourcing Extreme
Computex Notes
Significant Alerts
Arriving Las Vegas
Can't Go Home Again
Java Jive
Fifth Dawn Prerelease, Afternoon Session
Fifth Dawn Prerelease, Morning Session
Life as a Stiff
Realidad Política
First Day On The Job (whatever it may be)
Twisty Maze of Passages
Not Just Carnations
News from the Southland
Census Tidbit
Dog Days
I Know What You Did Last Summer
To The City
Blowing Up
Blame Canada
Opening Dayz
Wired on Wireless
Funhouse Statistics
Corporate Largesse
Draft on Tap
Electoral Strife
Hiring Practice
Chinese Junk
Phair Game
The Death of Supersize?
Wealth Creationism
Such Great Heights
Moronicity (iPod Mini Bureau)
Meet Mr. Placebo Effect
Fragging Alone
American Dreams
Oaktown Represent
Mass-Market Independence
Bad Example
The Other, Other White Meat?
Losers (Wacky Japanese Division)
Happy Days
Good and Bad
Fucking Hilarious
Sunday Thoughts
A Human Connection
The New (Year) Economy
Sunday Morning
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble
Sad and Unfortunate
Loser of the Week (Slashdot Edition)
Das Blinkenlichten
Sleepy Time
Welcome Home
Party Time
Large Men
Happy Christmas
The Jungle
Chop Chop
Meta Meta
Today Is The Big Day
3am PST, god knows when local time
Warming Up
Second-Grade Analysis
It Was An Idea
Everything You Need To Know
Those Crazy Kids
Ad Copy Of The Day
Passing On
An Apt Comparison
Faith In Humanity
I'm Your Worst Nightmare
Warming Up The Stoves
Marketing Backfire
Be Careful
Nobody More Deserving
Sunday Coupons
The Jayhawks
Random Sports Roundup
If You Didn't Know
Yeah, That'll Work
Effective Promotion
Magical Mystery Tour
Selling Out?
All Kinds of Wrong
No Fire, But
Less Fire
More Fire
At the Apple Store UTC, 6:45PM
Geek Dilemma
It's... Tall
A Good Question
Space Oddities
An American Hero
Pro Tour Amsterdam Qualifier, Costa Mesa
Move On
Woo Hoo
Holy Moly
Just Wrong
Total Recall
Don't Bother
Not Surprising
This is fucked up
Farmers' Market Highlights
Newer > Better
Big Step
In the No Shit department...
Mirrodin Pre-Release Notes
World's Worst Ideas, #21895701
Moral of the Story
Are You Ready For Some?
Axis of Evil
The Process
Kare Kano
Imagine a World
Vegas, Part 3
Technical Achievement of the Day
Manga Economics
Vegas, cont.
The Drill
Vegas Baby, Vegas
Adult Education
On the Road
Model Minority
Most Misleading News Story of the Day
Christ on a Pogo Stick
Reporting In
More Comic-Con Notes
Thursday Comic-Con Diary
Poor Bastard
Life in the Southland
I see dead people...
Macropayment > Micropayment
Small Taste of Success
Life's a Bitch
So much for Two Systems
Beats Money Market
Stupid Baseball Rules
Catchphrase of the Day
Hey, I actually witnessed
Working Backwards
Sensible Numbers
Fast Food is the Debil
Fry's Electronics opened a
You know it's almost summer when...
Hip To Be Square?
Saw plenty of Starbucks
The Electronic Entertainment Expo
Mile-High Humor
Diseased Humor
In the "Now I've Seen Everything" department
Woof, Part II
Hideki Matsui: Asian Hero
Old Skool
The Most Important Medical Discovery in the Last 50 Years
You know you're hard-up for content when...
Sux 2 B Yuo!
My One Wish
Giving in to the
I usually hate pretention
What This Page Needs
I'm all for eclecticism,
The Enlightened Man
Wars and SARS
Out of Context Quote Theater
Free Erubiel Durazo!
The main reason I
Hey, now we have
This is not good
Draft Day
Moving Pictures
For Fuck's Sake
In these troubled times,
It's True Love When...
Walked down to Peets
You're a Winner!
Non Sequitur
Instant Karma's Gonna Get You
Cool Prof
Haven't walked into Tower
Joke of the Day
Stupid (but cool) Hack of the Day
Omron of Japan announced
Bare Bones Software is
Slow Time of the Year
Got a 10%-off coupon
If I had a boat...
More Insensitive Blather
Moment of Silence
Marketing at Work
Beaver Fever. Snatch It!
So what if you're not a Preferred Customer?
Reality Bites
So much for Smart Growth
What's Up, Doc?
Monkey Madness
I love a good
The Anti-Atkin's Diet
The New Definition of "Loser"
Modest Proposals
On Duplication
Happy New Year of the Ram/Sheep/Goat/Bovine Ruminant
B00bies (animated section)
15 Days Until Pitchers and Catchers Report
A Cry For Help
In a Name
Super Bowl Sunday
Nobody Gives a Shit
In Other News...
It's not easy being green
Are you feeling inadequate?
Weekend in Sports
Your Boss is not your friend
Capitalism in Action
Geez, the price for
FoodTV is a fun
Peter Gammons is an optimist
Contribute to the Economy
Canned air is great
Came over the Grapevine
Accomplishments at Home
Hopefully someone will come
Apparently the Chinese restaurants
Happy New Year
Virtual Reality on Bay Street
So we spent the
NFL Tiebreakers
No Two Towers Review Here
Six Degrees
Long Way Home
Traffic Report
The Amazing Race was
United Airlines finally filed for
I like to get
Sports Update
Death, destruction, and despair. People dying everywhere.
There's nothing wrong with
More technological progress at Southwest:
Thanksgiving has never seemed like
Be Very Afraid
The newly federalized airport security
Snacky Goodness at Trader Joe's
Dangerous Trend
Looks like Apple is
Hey, I love animated tentacle
Woo hoo, my new
On the 44th day of Christmas...
Words of wisdom on Chinese iconography in Spirited Away
You've Gotta Be Kidding
Misleading Ad of the Day
I don't know if it's
Pitch to him, damn it.
Love the New York Times
Stupid Project #2801128 That Will Never Happen
After three weeks of baseball
My PC began randomly freezing
Evil Conspiracy Afoot
Found myself at a
Insert Your Own Joke Here
So I'm back in San
Vargas - De La Hoya
I'm not much of a
Oddities on the way to Costco
Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, near the International Date Line, so it could be the 15th or the 16th, and God knows what time it really is
22:30, Somewhere over the South China Sea
Taiwan, Part 1
September 3rd (or is it the 4th?): Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, south of Vladivostok, 5 hours to Taiwan
Going out the door to
I don't feel out-geeked very
Alright, the TiBook's Airport range
Installed the Jaguar Developer Tools
Played the new Battletech collectible
Catching Up on Stuff
It's cool to be able
Turn of Phrase
LA Times
Oldie but Goodie
Local Hotspot
Can you feel the dripping sarcasm?
Hard to believe that it's
What's this world coming to? #291022
What's this world coming to? #291021
It's another misty morning. When
Costco has a digital picture
Hey, I actually got off
Afternoon naps are dangerous. My
European Oddities
I would like to note
The Chemical Brothers on the Bandstand
Watching a pretty girl playing
You know...
Behold the Power of MacOS X
Do not taunt Happy Fun Cube
Eight more hours out of
Take advantage of your Bank of America credit card for a fast, convenient and easy way to obtain cash!
Mall Crawl
I just realized that Krispy
What's this world coming to?
OMG Die Die Die
Good to see that it's
One can almost entirely subsist
Lights Out
Sign on Truck
World Cup Update
You think France missed Zidane
Adventures in Breakfast Pastry
Why the NBA is going downhill...
Picked up a Game Cube
Hey, I've been Googled! Self-referential
Good thing mom always flies
Sunday Morning
May the wind take your troubles away
True Love
Why I Hate Weblogs
Picked up a pint of
Magic Diary
Went to see Star Wars.
Sports Wrapup
The In-n-Out drive-thru line has
Civil Obedience
Why I Need a Whisk
Moral Crisis
Self Validation
Love is like chili-cheese fries
Weekend Catch-up
Maybe, but probably not.
Worst Pick-up Advice Ever?
So Jason X (a.k.a. Friday
Sunday Brunch
Who Was Responsible for Elisabeth Shin?
Great Hair Disasters
Why you have to respect the Yankees
Left the salmon filet
Speaking as a science-y geek,
The median home price in
You must be a (sports) nut, and/or employed by ESPN, if...
Boo Hoo
This is the first time
"Go on Brak, you go
Popped Weezer's Pinkerton into the
Rules of Acquisition
Save the Mammoth Orange!
The student co-op put in
Home Networking
Preliminary opinion on the Mach3:
You are a fantasy sports junkie when...
Nothing makes me feel more
License plate holder on the
Caught the credits to Red
A group of girls at
Mom replaced the garbage cans
Travel's Travails
Why Peter Gammons is a Genius
brown The daschound'smournfuleyes. liquid
Happy Easter
A Breakfast Story
After subsisting on a single
How low has my faith
Saw a Frontline documentary about
Bracket Racket
Jamba Juice is good for
Today's Schedule CBS: 4 games
Did my civic duty and
Slashdot is going to a
Don't know why I ever
Baseball highlights on SportsCenter! I've
This is all pointless and
Isn't it ironic that the
Yet more evidence that it's
A new tanning salon just
Had to reboot my FreeBSD
Looks like SD Transit got
Okay, you know NBC is
Are You a Dido?
Whoa. Earthquake.
Strange image that came upon
You can tell that you're
It's hard not to root
This is the first time
After a weekend's worth of
Grocery Store-y
Sometimes it's the little things
Is it just me or
I knew it was a
It's a bummer of a
29. Never allow a conversation
You gotta give props to
They're redecorating the hallways of
BTW, happy new year, everybody.
I've been in grad school
Hard to believe that we
Food and Drink
I'm always a big
Fry's went with a Happy
It's funny in a sick
BofA upgraded the local ATM
Alright, I had potato curry
Television Time-Out
A Walk to Remember just
Super Bowl Sunday
After letting Morpheus run for
This P2P stuff is way
There's a decent little curry
What I learned from The
So you think people have
It's kinda funny to see
Was at Fins last night
"Men can be so easily entertained."
Rode in an double-length bus
A new coffee cart just
Hmm... the VGA switchbox was
Getting out of the House
Sports Wrapup
It's heartwarming to come home
Wow, The Grove Cafe (the
Shopping Trip
Wow, that was an aggravating
The Price Center is an
Ran the first discussion section
Today's Experiment
Boy, this doesn't make him sound any smarter
It's a little depressing to
Cree got hammered on missing
Saturday Morning
KG was flat out sick
What a bunch of wankers.
What I Did on My Winter Vacation: Part 2
Went to the local postal
I'd almost forgotten how darn
MacWorld Expo
So I have a cell
Good reasons for blogging
What I Did On My Winter Vacation: Part 1
Alright, time for some content.
Woohoo, my first step into